Jason Aldean Celebrates Number One Song 

Posted: 6:55 am Friday, August 10th, 2018

By Staff Writer

When Jason Aldean opened his restaurant bar, he definitely saw the perks of having a party venue in Downtown Nashville… he was there on Thursday (8/9) to celebrate his 20th No. 1 song, “You Make It Easy.” The celebration was full of the big names in country music, but the song itself is a star studded song! It was written by Tyler Hubbard, Brian Kelley, Morgan Wallen and Jordan Schmidt. They all joining Aldean onstage to talk about the song.

Before the party got underway, Jason spoke about his friendship with the song’s writers and the brotherhood they share. Jason said, “Whenever you have success, I mean, obviously that’s great, but when you can have success and get to share that with your friends, and it’s kind of like a group effort to where you can celebrate…Not only celebrate, but [celebrate] with your boys. Like, that’s pretty special.”

Tyler Hubbard also talked about the song and where he got his inspiration to make it what it is today. He said, “I mean, I remember specifically talking about just our wives and how blessed we are. We were both just on the same page of feeling really grateful that particular week that man we’ve got amazing wives that as crazy as our life is and all the stuff that goes on and all the speedbumps we go over together, like they just make it easy.”