The Guys Of Brothers Osborne Open Up About Why They Bought Their Mom A House 

Posted: 6:02 am Monday, July 9th, 2018

By Staff Writer

Last week, we shared that the members of Brothers Osborne, TJ and John, bought their mother a house in Nashville.

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Well, they’ve revealed why they decided to buy their mom a new house in Nashville. “We started thinking about moving her to Nashville a while back, but as you know, the market here is just insane,” said TJ tells Taste of Country. “John ended up finding this house, and it was perfect. It was right between both of our houses, so he ended up writing the homeowner assuring them that we weren’t some sort of developer and we weren’t going to tear it down.” The brothers go on to reveal, however, that they played no part in decorating their mom’s new home. “Oh no, she is very picky when it comes to those things,” TJ jokes. “Heck, she will walk into my house and tell me she doesn’t like where I have a chair or something. I’m like, ‘But Mom, it’s my house.’”