Miranda Lambert Hangs Up During Phone Interview When Asked About Gwen Stefani 

Posted: 9:32 am Thursday, July 5th, 2018

By Staff Writer

We have talked about this before, how Miranda Lambert didn’t promote her new album with a bunch of interviews. She said she didn’t promote “The Weight of These Wings for a very specific reason… she’d already been through hell creating it.

So the album came out in November of 2016 but she’s talking about this now. In a new interview she said, “It was hell… putting my words on paper. So I didn’t want to rehash. I’d finally gotten to a place where I wasn’t sad anymore.”

She went on to say, “All the sad moments were there, all the truths were right in those songs. All you had to do was listen. I didn’t need to say anything.”

So now, she is finally starting to open up about the process of writing this album and what went into it. We already knew Blake Shelton was a huge part of why the album was so hard for her to write and  once the album was out, she finally got on the phone for the first interview. And the very first question was, “How do you feel about Gwen?” So she hung up and stopped talking.

Next up is her stuff with the Pistol Annies, which takes the pressure off writing alone. She describes it as, quote, “a slumber party with songwriting.”