Martina McBride & Husband Are Being Sued By Ex-Employee For Huge Chunk Of Money 

Posted: 7:00 am Wednesday, June 13th, 2018

By Staff Writer

There has to be many disgruntled employee stories in the country music world. I mean, there are disgruntled employee stories in every industry! People get sued by employees all day, every day. Now, its Martina McBride’s turn. She and her husband John are being sued for $1 million by an ex-employee.  His name is Richard Hanson and he ran their intern program.  He claims they fired him after he reported them for NOT paying interns.

Obviously, we don’t know Martina McBride personally but she doesn’t seem like the type of person to take advantage of people. But ex-employee Richard says Martina and John forced the interns to do menial stuff like clean bathrooms, deliver food, and set up and tear down equipment.  But the worst is when John gave a couple of interns a loaded gun and sent them to his house to check for an intruder. Most of that stuff- cleaning bathrooms and setting up and tearing down equipment, sounds like work you do at entry level jobs, which, an intern would be just that. Their job probably consisted of a little more than that, but according to Richard, it didn’t. The gun thing may be out of their job description though…

He thought that kind of work deserved a paycheck, so he kept asking them to give the interns minimum wage, but they kept refusing.  So, he filed a claim last year with the Department of Labor . . . and says he was fired in retaliation.

He’s suing for $1 million and other damages.  TMZ reached out to Martina and her husband but they haven’t responded.

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