Brian Kelley of Florida Georgia Line Talks More About FGL Boathouse in FL 

Posted: 6:07 am Tuesday, June 12th, 2018

By Staff Writer

It wasn’t too long ago that Brian Kelley took to Instagram and admitted to “having to many drinks at lunch and hinting” at what their next big venture was going to be. FGL Boathouse! It looks like it’s going to be this HUGE entertainment venue/restaurant on the water in it the Panhandle of Florida.

There were photos drawn up of what they wanted the venue to look like, posted on Instagram, but since then the guys of FGL have wiped their Instagram to promote their new single “Simple.”

But we did catch up with Brian Kelley and here’s what he said: “We’re working hard to get that deal closed. And there’s a really cool vision, we’re trying to make it come to life. And it’s gonna hopefully happen in Florida. So, it’d be everything we’ve done up here [in Nashville], but the Florida version, you know, and just really putting our touch on every corner, every wall and every window, and just really making it. We have big plans and we’re trying to lock them down, but we’ll see.”