Luke Bryan Is In Awe That He Receives His 20th Number One Song 

Posted: 6:02 am Wednesday, March 28th, 2018

By Staff Writer

Luke Bryan has been around for a good chunk of time in the music industry. He payed his dues, he played small shows, he played free shows, and he worked his way up to being the artist he is today. And he has just hit a HUGE milestone when his newest song, “Most People Are Good,” reached the top of the “Billboard” Country Airplay chart.  It’s his 20th Number One, and he’s having a hard time believing it’s true.

Quote, “When I moved to town and you dream of one Number One, and here I am knocking on the door of 20.”   He said it really hits home when he thinks about being in the same conversation with the stars he grew up listening to.

Quote, “When you hear about artists you idolized as a kid, some of your numbers are where their numbers are and stuff like that, it’s really, really freaky.  I don’t want it to ever lose the freakiness.”

The bottom line is that everything has to line up just right for a song to be #1.

Quote, “You’ve got to have somebody do the miracle of writing it, and you’ve got to record it right, put it on an album . . . the label’s got to pick the right one and the people got to get it.  It’s so many series of miracles, and the fact that I’ve had 20 of all those miracles is pretty special.”