See Cole Swindell & NASCAR Driver Ryan Blaney Go For A Very Fast Drive 

Posted: 6:00 am Tuesday, March 13th, 2018

By Staff Writer

Cole Swindell had the ride of his life the other day. Some people even have something like this on their bucket list. He went out on the track and for a ride with NASCAR driver Ryan Blaney.

Swindell and Blaney hooked up at the Charlotte Motor Speedway, where Swindell will perform before the 2018 Monster Energy All-Star Race on May 19. shared a statement from Cole, “I’ve never been this nervous walking onstage. I’m usually in control when I walk out onstage. I trust my buddy, though,” Swindell adds, gesturing towards Blaney.

The country star is all smiles as Blaney blasts around the track at blisteringly high speeds.