Thomas Rhett Tells Why He Puts His Marriage On Public Display On Social Media 

Posted: 6:51 am Tuesday, January 9th, 2018

By Staff Writer

There is no doubt that Thomas Rhett’s marriage to wife Lauren is one of the most followed marriages in country music. Then there are a few others like Both the guys of Florida Georgia Line, Russell Dickerson, Kane Brown… If you’re a fan of these artists, you know they are in love with their wives and fiances. They put those relationships on full display on social media, but Thomas Rhett explains why these country star share their life online:  “There’s a lot of guys in the genre now, you know, both the FGL guys and Canaan Smith, who’s a good friend of mine…All these dudes that are somewhat in the spotlight that have wives, and let everyone know that they have their wives, I think, is something that we want to definitely make a thing. You know, to kinda just show younger kids that it’s not uncool to be married to somebody.”