Pregnant Hillary Scott From Lady Antebellum Shares Amazing Video Of Twins Kicking 

Posted: 8:26 pm Monday, January 8th, 2018

By Staff Writer

Hillary Scott from Lady Antebellum is expecting two amazing miracles, very very soon. And even though these twins are her 2nd and 3rd child, Hillary is still in awe of the miracle of being able to create life and bring another human (in her case TWO HUMANS) into this world. She took to instagram to share a video of her twins kicking up a storm in her belly and captioned the video with “Baby Ninjas. 😳💕 I’m still absolutely floored by the fact that we are created to carry life, and that they MOVE like this within us. As I’m nearing the end of carrying these two precious little girls, I’m trying to soak up these(slightly less uncomfortable) moments that I will miss and try to hold in my heart forever. 😍”