Brett Eldredge Opens Up About The Relationship He Has With Sadie Robertson 

Posted: 6:17 am Thursday, December 7th, 2017

By Staff Writer

Brett Eldredge says he isn’t dating Sadie Robertson, despite recently casting her as a love interest in “The Long Way” music video. “No, we’re not dating, she’s just a good friend,” Eldredge tells Taste of Country of the Duck Dynasty star. “I saw her on Instagram and I saw all of her stories and just her energy, she’s just a great person. I just loved who she is, what she stands for, her whole story, her personality.” Eldredge goes on to explain that he didn’t meet Robertson until the day of the shoot–but that they instantly bonded. “I just thought she’s the kind of person that you’re looking for in this kind of song,” he adds. “Just a good heart, a great person, beautiful soul.” “The Long Way” is the second single off Eldredge’s new self-titled album.