Brantley Gilbert Opens Up About Fatherhood and Diaper Duty 

Posted: 5:42 am Thursday, November 30th, 2017

By Staff Writer

Brantley Gilbert took over Nash Nights Live’s Facebook page on Tuesday (11/28), where he talked about life with his newborn son, Barrett Hardy-Clay, sleepless nights, diaper duty and more:

“That little man, I’m telling you, it’s everything everybody said it would be and more. He’s like a million answered prayers traded in for sleep. But he’s been awesome. I never smiled so big in my life and he can’t even smile yet. So, he’s got me wrapped around his little finger.”


His wife has also not let him get away with not changing a diaper… lol:

“I’m looking real wretched, ’cause little man hasn’t figured out his sleep schedule yet. So we haven’t figured out ours. But I can tell you I have the most wonderful wife in the world. She has woken up with him every time. I try to do what I can but she’s got it under wraps. And, yes, fellas I am changing diapers. For all of ya’ll that are asking if I’m changing diapers yet, I’ve changed quite a few, actually. I usually take the night shift and that seems to be a pretty active time for his stuff. So yeah, I’ve changed quite a few.”

Brantley Gilbert pregnancy announcementCredit Lyn Sengupta

Brantley Gilbert pregnancy announcement Credit Lyn Sengupta