Gwen Stefani Tells Us How She Feels About Blakes New Song, Inspired By Her 

Posted: 6:19 am Tuesday, November 28th, 2017

By Staff Writer

Blake Shelton has just released his new album not too long ago and quite a bit of the music on it was inspired by his girlfriend Gwen Stefani. So of course, there is a song on his album called “Turnin’ Me On”… because it’s Blake Shelton. LOL But Gwen has opened up to us about how she feels about the song. She basically said she does like the song he wrote for her on his new album called “Turnin’ Me On,” but it’s not her favorite on his new project:

(Blake Shelton) “She’s probably a little bit embarrassed do you know what I mean? to have someone say all this stuff about you like how sexy you are and like how basically turn him on you know and so? I know she likes the song but she actually, her favorite song on the album is ‘I Lived It,’ she’s probably listened to that song 200 times. She wakes up hearing it, she wants to hear it before she goes to bed, she loves that song.”