Luke Bryan Gets In Trouble By Wife For Scheduling Album Release On Important Day 

Posted: 5:58 am Wednesday, October 25th, 2017

By Staff Writer

Luke Bryan is in the doghouse for a little after this accidental double booking of a day in December… his new album “What Makes You Country” is coming out December 8th which is also the same day as his 11th wedding anniversary.  Yeah, it kind of slipped by as he and his team planned the release date.

Guess who it didn’t slip by…  He explains, quote, “I’m at the house, and I’m like, ‘Yeah, baby, I’ll be up in New York and the album comes out the eighth.’  She looked at me and goes, ‘Hmm, interesting day for an album release.’  And I said, ‘I’m sorry baby.

“So I started spinning it.  ‘Baby, just come to New York and we’ll eat great food and we’ll walk and look at people at Rockefeller Plaza.’  She’s like, ‘You work 20 hours a day during album release [week] . . . but I’ll be there.'”

This is the moment he realized he had some making up to do… haha just kidding

luke oops.jpg

In totally different Luke Bryan news.  He was named the “Songwriter-Artist of the Year” at the Nashville Songwriter’s Hall of Fame Gala on Monday.  It’s a pretty cool honor and it had him reflecting on how he developed his skills.

He said, quote, “This whole thing started with me being a songwriter that showed up every day to Music Row, that put in the time, that wrote three songs a day for this many years, and was in the trenches demo-ing them and trying to get them cut.”