Maren Morris Feels The “Survivors Guilt” Sinking In After Las Vegas Massacre 

Posted: 5:56 am Thursday, October 5th, 2017

By Staff Writer

MAREN MORRIS was one of the many artists that performed at the Route 91 Harvest Festival that weekend. She performed the day before and was on her way home the day of the shooting but she has been feeling remorse because of the tragedy in Vegas.  She says there’s a very real chance that things could have gone differently.

She tells “Rolling Stone”, quote, “I felt this sick pit in my stomach.  I [read] that the shooter had checked into the hotel on Thursday.  He could have picked any day of the festival to carry out this horrific plan.  It gives you a bit of survivor’s guilt.”

She’s also been dealing with the fear of going back on stage.  But like so many other performers we’ve been hearing from this week, she knows that’s exactly what she HAS to do.

Quote, “This is a time when artists, fans, and music lovers can band together and NOT stop going to shows, festivals, [or] concerts.

“The biggest thing we can do besides donating money and donating blood is NOT being afraid to still enjoy live music.”