Eric Church Breaks Down While Debut New Song For Las Vegas Victims 

Posted: 7:50 pm Thursday, October 5th, 2017

By Staff Writer

Eric Church was the headliner for Friday night at the Route 91 Harvest Festival 48 hours before the massacre started where 58 innocent lives were taken by man who is just not worth naming. Last night (Oct 4th) Eric Church was scheduled to be at the Grand Ole Opry for a performance and believe it or not, two people who were at the Harvest Festival had plans to fly to Nashville to see Eric Church there also. The two people were Elizabeth and Sonny. Sonny has become famous for his heroic actions Sunday night in Las Vegas, he protected his wife and took her place when a bullet came flying through the air. Sonny died, and his wife Elizabeth is here to tell us about how amazing Sonny was and how big of an Eric Church fan he was. Eric Church says that Sonny and Elizabeth were the only reason he was able to make it up on that stage last night. As Eric Church broke down on stage talking about his performance that night and the love he felt from his fans, he revealed that music is the only thing that has ever healed him when he is broken, and right now we are all broken. So Eric Church wrote a song in honor of the 58 victims and he debuted it last night at the Grand Ole Opry… What do you think?