Brad Paisley Says He Pushes The Limit On Whats Appropriate For His Children 

Posted: 6:33 am Thursday, September 21st, 2017

By Staff Writer

We all know that one person… that one person that loves to push the limit. Heck, maybe you even are that person. Well Brad Paisley is definitely one of those people and he likes to push the limits of parenthood and in the meanwhile, tease his wife Kimberly using his sons to make “dad” jokes:

“My wife gets so mad at me because I push the limits of sort of decency as a father in that sense. I love to…I call it ‘loopholes’…like the boys and I, we have a pond, and we have a huge dam, and I’ll take a video of them standing on the dam, and I’ll have Huck… he’d stand on the dam and he’d say ‘Hey mom, dam’ and he would point at the dam, and then it would be like a summer day, and Jasper would say ‘Yep, hot dam’. And send that to her in a video, and she would just write back like, ‘Oh, stop!’ I say, ‘That’s a loophole’.”

Here is a throwback photo from a few years ago when PEOPLE magazine featured the Paisley family after the birth of their second child…