Kenny Chesney Saves Two Young Boys and Reunites Them With Their Mother 

Posted: 6:43 am Monday, September 18th, 2017

By Staff Writer

Kenny Cheseny- the BIGGEST lover of The Virgin Islands- lost a lot last week during Hurricane Irma. He had a house there where he tried to rescue 10 dogs and 20 people and shelter them during the storm, but that wasn’t good enough. The house ended up getting destroyed along with his beloved island. Here’s what he told us about it, “A lot of lives have been turned upside down, a lot of people have been displaced, a lot of people are frustrated, a lot of people are scared. There’s a lot of chaos on the island. There’s not a lot of order on the island. It’s really scary down there right now. And as you can probably hear in my voice I’ve got a lot of anxiety over the situation. But I just wanted to say thank you to everybody that has donated to the Love For Love City Foundation because it’s going to help feed a lot of people. It’s going to help take supplies down to the island and it’s hopefully going to help things has time goes on.”
With everything going on there you can imagine the stress on the children going through this. Especially two teenage boys who were stranded there while their mother was in Philadelphia. The two boys were trying to find help to get themselves two her and a celebrity donor provided the two boys with a private jet to get off the island to their mother. And of course that celebrity donor was non other than Kenny Chesney!