Kip More Opens Up About The Craziest Experience He’s Had On Stage 

Posted: 5:58 am Thursday, August 31st, 2017

By Staff Writer

Kip Moore is a very attractive artists, so naturally when he starts to sing, women’s clothes fall off right? No lol but it did happen to him! He told PEOPLE that one of the craziest experience he has had on stage was in Cincinnati, OH… “[We were] doing, ‘Hey Pretty Girl‘ – which was kind of an odd thing during that song, that sweet innocent song – and there was an onslaught of bras that got thrown on the stage,” says Moore. “And before we knew it the whole band was entrenched in an entire stage full of them.”

He said that at first there were only “one or two” bras being pelted at the band and because he laughed at that, it created a ripple effect, explaining, “I got to laughing, and it was like the whole entire venue started throwing them. It wasn’t because us on stage were so – it just became a funny thing,” Moore shares, adding, “We all just had to stop the song because we were laughing so much.”

At then the big question we have to ask is what did he do with them after the show… well “We just left them onstage… I guess they just went home without them.” LOL

Watch the full interview here… Kip Moore’s interview with PEOPLE