Tim McGraw Has Decided To Open A Partner Up And Open New Franchise 

Posted: 6:00 am Thursday, August 24th, 2017

By Staff Writer

It’s no secret that Tim McGraw has always been into fitness and good health. I mean just look at the guy. He is 50 years old and he looks pretty dang good. Well he has decided to partnered with the 24/7 fitness franchise Snap Fitness to create a line of gyms called TRU MAV Signature Clubs. The signature clubs will be customized to reflect Tim’s style and values, with plans for them to include custom equipment and workout programs based on the singer’s own exercise routines and music. There’s no word on where the TRU MAV Signature Clubs will be located or when they’re set to open.

Tim says, “Working out becomes a habit when it’s an easy part of everyday life, and that’s why I’m partnering with Snap Fitness. These gyms will help folks who are short on time find their fit. They’re encouraging communities that support people who are working toward their own fitness goals.”