Kip Moore Announces New Album! 

Posted: 5:54 am Thursday, June 22nd, 2017

By Staff Writer


Kip Moore had a huge announcement for fans on Wednesday! We are excited to say that for the first time in two years (since he released Wild Ones in 2015) Kip Moore will be releasing a new album called Slowheart on September 8!!

According to Rolling Stone Country, Moore produced 75 percent of the album and decided to switch up his techniques when recording the new songs. “I sang through an SM-7, which is about a $200 mic,” says Moore, who also performed most of his own harmonies for the album. “It’s a very aggressive mic, and if you’re not ‘on,’ it’s going to show. It’s very unforgiving. But if you hit it right, it fit for my voice.” Moore goes on to praise the musicians he worked with. “I’ve also been so blessed to have amazing players around me that played with their heart, and not just going through the motions,” he notes.

Kip also says his album will reflect his evolution sonically, while still staying true to who he is an artist. Quote, “There’s still that thing that I do that you’re gonna hear, but, yeah, it’s different. I will say that this record…the melodies on this record are by far the best melodies I’ve ever had, I feel like. So, there’s a little more of a sense of a lightness to this record. Even the heavy topics, like ‘Bitter Sweet Company,’ you know, there’s that old Motown thing about it, where it’s…you’re gonna hear happy melody on top of it. There’s a lot of that kinda thing goin’ on.”