Jamie Lynn Spears Thanks First Responders’ Who Saved Her Daughter 

Posted: 6:07 am Tuesday, June 20th, 2017

By Staff Writer


Jamie Lynn’s daughter turned 9 over the weekend and it was a time that she reflected on the incident back in February of this year where her daughter was hospitalized for an ATV accident.  Per a report from the Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff’s Office, Maddie was trying to avoid running over a drainage ditch and overcorrected, running the ATV she was driving into a pond. Spears and her husband Jamie Watson, who is Maddie’s stepfather, were on the scene and tried to rescue her from the water, but she was trapped by the vehicle’s seatbelt and safety netting; an ambulance with first responders arrived within two minutes and freed her.

So of course with her birthday coming, Jamie Lynn took to social media to express to her gratitude to the first responders’ who saved her life and were the reason Maddie was able to have her 9th birthday party.

She posted “My baby is 9 years old today, and more then ever we realize how precious every day is. So, we have to thank these 2 HEROES 🙏🏻 John and Victoria are the first responders, who literally saved Maddie’s life, and they were able to celebrate her another year of her life with us this past weekend! Thank God for these amazing people, and thank you God for your amazing grace. We are so blessed today, and everyday with this little angel! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MADDIE💛💜”