Brett Eldredge Tells How Brooks & Dunn Helped Shape Him Into Who He Is 

Posted: 5:50 am Tuesday, June 20th, 2017

By Staff Writer

Older artists are the pathway for a lot of the new artists. They are role models and mentors to the new country genre and while Brett Eldredge’s influences came from far and wide, it was a specific Brooks & Dunn record that played a key role in his life and music. He says, “Their Greatest Hits record was how I started getting into all of their music, then I started going back to all their records. But their Greatest Hits — they had so many just incredible singles and songs that kind of felt like where I was living, and I connect with it in such a special way. I would say that’s a huge record in my past and present.” Do you hear traces of that influence in Brett Eldredge’s music?