Jason Aldean Teases The Name Of His First Son 

Posted: 7:14 am Monday, June 12th, 2017

By Staff Writer

jason aldean


Jason Aldean was apart of the Taste of Country Music Festival in NY over the weekend where they got to sit down with him and ask a few questions that we have been dying to know the answer too… one thing they found out was he’s not opposed to naming his baby boy after a rock legend!Y.

They joked about Gregg Allman’s name because he was a major influence over Jason’s music and career but the “They Don’t Know” singer admitted “Allman” probably won’t work —  but he and wife Brittany have kicked around the idea of naming their son after someone else that’s left a lasting legacy on their lives.

“It’s definitely something we’ve thought about already,” he says. “We just haven’t really settled on anything yet.”

Jason Aldean already has two daughters who are 14 and 9 so this will be Jason’s first son and his wife’s first child! Plus this will be the first boy born on either side of the family in a very long time. In fact, Aldean is the last of the men in his family tree. The same holds true for Brittany’s side of the family as well, he tells Taste of Country. It’s been nothing but girl after girl since he was born 40 years ago. And technically Jason’s real last name is Williams so his son will continue the Williams name!

How old does the boy need to be to go hunting?

“Whenever he can be quiet for a couple hours,” Aldean jokes.