Sam Hunt Admits He Flew To Hawaii 7 Times To Win His Wife Over 

Posted: 5:59 am Friday, June 9th, 2017

By Staff Writer

sam hannah

How far would you go to win back the love of your life? Well, if you’re Sam Hunt, you fly to Hawaii a whopping seven times to woo your ex-girlfriend and make her your wife. But hey… when you love someone you just know and you do whatever it takes right? “I think last summer I went out to Hawaii about seven times in about three months,” Hunt told ET on the red carpet of the CMT Awards on Wednesday. “Trying to talk to her about coming back. And the seventh trip, I convinced her.” The two ultimately tied the knot in April of this year. Since then, says Hunt, “I think it’s been a little lopsided these first few weeks of marriage, so I owe her for sure…but she’s having fun.” Here is his interview with E! where he talks about it…