Photos: Florida Georgia Line Opens Their Restaurant/Bar In Nashville, FGL House 

Posted: 6:31 am Wednesday, June 7th, 2017

By Staff Writer


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Monday was a huge day for the boys of Florida Georgia Line as they opened up their new FGL House club and restaurant on Monday (6/5) in downtown Nashville. Which was perfect timing for the Predators Stanely Cup games and for CMA Fest 2017. CMA Fest is a huge week for all country music artists and Tyler shares why he looks forward to the big fan party each year. “I think CMA week there’s just a good energy in town.  I mean it’s crazy, it’s good, it’s something you look forward to every year and Nashville is a beautiful place to play a show in general but I think if we’re specifically talking about this week it’s like no other. To see all those fans, those are the most passionate fans in the world that are here this weekend, so to see 70,000 of them thrown in a stadium together, it’s on another level.  And I know a lot of our fans are very passionate and loyal and all that, but these fans are coming from Europe, we’ve met people that we’ve met in Europe that are here this weekend, people from Canada, all over. So it’s a really cool week for us.”