Watch: Chris Janson Has Recruited Luke Bryan & Michael Ray For New Music Video 

Posted: 6:03 am Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017

By Staff Writer

Luke Bryan and Michael Ray are among the famous friends who stop by Chris Janson’s party in the video for his new song “Fix a Drink.” Premiered on Monday, the video shows Janson and his crew throwing back drinks and having a good time at a creek-side party. The visual also shows Janson and his family and friends tearing up the back roads in all sorts of off-roading vehicles. While Janson tells The Boot that he’s sober, he confesses to “lov[ing] the whole mixology subculture.” “I can fix a drink–and my drink of choice is a cold can of Mountain Dew,” he adds. “But I can fix all kinds of drinks. I’ve done it for years.” “Fix a Drink” is the title track on Janson’s forthcoming EP.