Garth Makes High School Senior’s Prom Night Unforgettable 

Posted: 6:07 am Wednesday, May 3rd, 2017

By Staff Writer

You can ALWAYS count on Garth to make a fans dreams come true… when he was performing one of his two shows in Champaign, Illinois on Saturday, it happened to over lap with a local high schools prom. And in the crowd, Garth spotted a girl namedKate in the crowd with a sign writted on  neon paper that read, “Gonna be late to prom, GARTH comes FIRST.”
So of course Garth stops the show to talk to his fan who who put her senior prom plans on hold to see the man himself in concert.

He played her favorite, by request, “Ireland” and chatted with her a little bit more about her plans for the evening. Once it was revealed she did not have a prom date, Garth suggested she forgo the dance to return to his show and assist him with shooting out T-shirts to the audience during his hit “Friends In Low Places,” which she did — prom dress and all!