Watch: Kenny Chesney Releases New Music Video for “Rich and Miserable” 

Posted: 6:08 am Monday, May 1st, 2017

By Staff Writer

NEW Kenny Chesney is always fun for a Monday morning! Kenny Chesney has premiered the music video for his song “Rich and Miserable.” It debuted on Friday and the clip opens with actor John McGinley portraying a college professor and asking his students to think about who they are and what makes them happy. The rest of the visual finds the students trying to look beyond the “rich and miserable” belief fed to them and writing what’s really important in their lives on the classroom chalkboard. It also features shots of Chesney performing the thought-provoking song in the empty classroom. “Rich and Miserable” is the latest single of Chesney’s 2016 album Cosmic Hallelujah.