Tim McGraw Talks About How He Feels Having Faith Hill On Tour With Him 

Posted: 6:07 am Thursday, April 20th, 2017

By Staff Writer

tim faith

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are back on the road together after ten years on their Soul 2 Soul 2017 tour. They will be in our neck of the woods in October!! And the best part about these two being on tour together is the fact that we get to witness the love these two have for each other, right in front of our eyes. Tim opens up about his favorite part of the tour and how it has everything to do with Faith…

 Tim: “I can tell you what I look forward to because Faith hasn’t been on the road since the last Soul2Soul. For me, I look forward to…”

Faith: “It was 10 years ago, yeah, 2007.”

Tim: “Yeah, 2007. I look forward to seeing Faith sing every night, and seeing her interact with the audience because she just has this magic in her voice when she sings. Technical, it’s all there. She’s a technical singer, great singer. There is so much soul and heat that comes out of her voice when she sings. It just melts you.”