Maren Morris & Boyfriend Ryan Hurd Celebrate Her 27th Birthday In Unique Way 

Posted: 6:09 am Monday, April 17th, 2017

By Staff Writer


Don’t you wish you could just go somewhere, turn off all electronics, and uplug from the world for a few days to recharge? Well Maren Morris decided that that was exactly how she wanted to celebrated her 27th birthday last week (April 10th)! She reveals that her and her boyfriend Ryan Hurd went out and completely disconnected themselves from everthing. She states, “My boyfriend, Ryan, he has…he’s from Michigan. They have like a little lake house up in Allegan up there. And so, I was like, ‘this year for my birthday I just want to…to get out of town and have like zero technology, for the most part, and just some quiet,’ which is not like a hot commodity in my life right now. But, yeah, we went up there for two days. So, it was just nice to wake up and sleep in and not look at my calendar and just have nothing on the books. So, yeah, we celebrated by doing absolutely nothing.”