Jake Owen Says His Daughter Has A Great Voice & Talks About Her Going Into Music 

Posted: 6:34 am Monday, April 17th, 2017

By Staff Writer


Jake Owen’s daughter Pearl is a lively little girl. She is adorable and outgoing and pretty fearless if you see her on social media. She is always dancing and singing and playing. What a nice carefree life! LOL but one thing Jake Owen says she loves is to sing. She loves the new Disney movie Moana. But there is one thing that Jake says she loves even mpore than her Disney movies…  “She loves her daddy’s songs, she really does. I’m proud to say that she really does. Like, she’s got this way of looking at me when I play for her. She just looks at me and her eyes almost get a sparkle to ’em. And, I just hope she doesn’t grow out of that. I hope she doesn’t get to the point where she doesn’t like it. She’s got a great little voice, and I don’t know what she’ll ever do, but if she decides to get into the music side of things, I’ll be fully supportive.”  And you can see the love she has for her dad and his songs in this video (below) that Jake Owen posted to Instagram a few weeks ago…