Brad Paisley Says His Signature Guitar Work is What Makes His Album, His. 

Posted: 6:02 am Wednesday, March 29th, 2017

By Staff Writer


We all know that Brad Paisley has a very very unique sound when it comes to his songs. You can definitely tell which songs are his and which are other artists. And this is mostly becuase Brad does these amazing guitar solo’s on almost every song! And Paisley’s upcoming new album Love and War is no different. It features plenty of Brad’s signature guitar work. and as he shares, that’s what makes it a Paisley record: “I think that’s what makes it one of my records verses someone else as much as… There are certainly things that I think you look for on one of my albums at this point in time after having made eleven it’s like, one of ’em is guitar playing. Like if there’s a solo it’s probably gonna be me playing it. And I might trade with fiddle and steel but largely speaking some of the signature hooks of the songs are the guitar part.”