Justin Moore’s Family is Hoping 4th Child is a Boy 

Posted: 6:21 am Monday, March 27th, 2017

By Staff Writer


When you live in a family full of mostly girls, of course deep down you are going to have a hope that your next addition is a boy. And when you are under the age of 10 years old, your going to make sure everyone knows that you hope your newest sibling is a brother! Justin Moore has admitted that two of his three daughters are hoping their new sibling, who is set to arrive in June, will be a boy. “[Seven-year-old] Ella said the other day, ‘If it’s a girl, I won’t never talk to it or claim it. I won’t never hold it,’” Moore tells The Boot. “[Five-year-old] Kennedy’s not as strong with her words, which is surprising because typically she’s the strongest, but she wants a brother as well.” He goes on to explain that 2-year-old Klein is still too young to care either way. “Klein keeps going to preschool [and] telling her teacher she’s got a baby in her belly,” Moore notes. “I don’t think she completely comprehends what’s happening.”