Sam Hunt Opens Up About Wedding Details and His Fiance 

Posted: 10:45 am Sunday, March 26th, 2017

By Staff Writer


Sam Hunt Played the Houston Rodeo not to long ago and while he was there CMT did a little interview with him where Sam Hunt Revealed quite a few details about his big day. He talked about his music and how his first priority is his fiance/soon to be wife. Music is a 2nd. Such a gentleman!

“I am working on new music and new songs,” he revealed. “I’ll continue to do that throughout the spring and summer. But that will be priority No. 2 behind planning a wedding and hanging with my fiancée, who will be my wife. Instead of waiting to have a full record done to put out new music, I’d like to be able to put out new music as I continue to work on it as we go.”

Family is playing a big part in helping the couple plan their wedding. “Fortunately her sister works in that business, but we’re low key,” he said. “We’re low maintenance – keep it small and quaint and quiet. So it’s not been too much of a burden.

“She’s a good girl,” he added of his fiancée. “Made to be.”

And he mentioned that his wedding will be in the spring, meaning we are getting closer and closer and closer to that day… keep your eyes peeled! lol