Cam and Melissa Etheridge do “Come To My Window” Duet 

Posted: 6:54 am Wednesday, March 22nd, 2017

By Staff Writer

Its been a busy week for Cam! She was just here in Orlando hanging out with us at Runaway Country and then a few days ago Melissa Etheridge invited Cam to join her onstage for a duet during this week’s episode of Skyville Live on Facebook. The Boot reports that Etheridge introduced the “Burning House” singer as “one of country’s shining new acts” before teaming up with her for a powerful version of Etheridge’s 1993 “Come to My Window.” The performance marked the second time Etheridge teamed up with a country singer for a duet of the track; she previously sang the tune with Dolly Parton when the pair met for a 2003 episode of CMT Crossroads.