Granger Smith Reconnected With Family After Stage Fall Back in December 

Posted: 6:10 am Tuesday, February 28th, 2017

By Staff Writer


Remember back in December when the entire country world was watching the video below of Granger Smith falling off stage, and then getting back up again to continue his show while he has a punctured lung and some broken ribs? Yeah that was the stage fall of the year. They happen all the time with artists but it was definitely the worst.

He had to take six weeks off to heal, and that time away from work significantly changed his life. He tells“People”, quote, “The accident got me into all kinds of things about finding happiness and finding peace. I’m better because of it in a lot of ways.”

Ways he recovered from the accident was he had to start doing physical therapy, breathing therapy . . . and something called cold-water therapy.  He’s also doing yoga and yoga breathing exercises. He says quote, “I feel great and have full motion.”

Spending all that time at home also helped him reconnect with his family. He’s “more present” with his three kids, and closer to his wife. Quote, “I was home with my wife longer than I’ve ever been since I’ve known her. She still likes me. That’s a good sign.”