Thanks to Dierks Bentley and Twitter Students Algebra Text was Cancelled 

Posted: 6:29 am Wednesday, December 21st, 2016

By Staff Writer


There were some VERY THANKFUL High School Algebra II students last week that made a deal with their teacher that if their Twitter plea received 750 retweets AND a tweet from Dierks Bentley she would cancel their test. High school student Grace, the student who tweeted the initial plea, messaged with Sounds Like Nashville about the deal. “It started as a joke but we actually talked her into it!” she wrote the outlet via Twitter DM. “It was initially 500 rts but she changed it to 750 ‘just to be safe.’” The students chose Bentley because their teacher is a huge fan.

The group secured the necessary retweets, but they were still waiting on Bentley to help them out when he heard about the deal and tweeted Grace on December 18th. Dierks Tweeted… “Hey gdub!! put your books down! have a great monday with no exam. (sorry caroline!)” he wrote. (tweet below)

Instead of taking their test, Grace said she and her peers played games in class and listened to Bentley’s albums. Not a bad way to spend class!