Blake Shelton Reaches Out To Fan Who Missed His Show 

Posted: 5:58 am Wednesday, December 14th, 2016

By Staff Writer


Remember a few day ago when we posted that a couple had been trying to get a hold of Blake Shelton because they had missed his show due to a very bad accident… Well because of all YOUR sharing and tagging… IT WORKED!!! The boyfriends name was Jonathan Daniels and had planned to take his girlfriend to Blake’s October show at New York City’s Barclays Center to celebrate her 23rd birthday. But after buying the tickets, he was involved in a serious motorcycle accident that left it looking doubtful he would live, much less be able to attend the concert. So now that he is on a clear road to recovery, he used social media to try and get a hold of Shelton to see what he could do for his amazing girlfriend that never left his side during his recovery. And because of the power of social media… Blake got the message and responded. Not only did he invite the two to come to the show of their choice, but also extended an invitation for a backstage hang, so he can meet them. Jonathan was thrilled, responding that Blake “is an amazing man with a huge heart!” and you helped make that happen by sharing our post last week… GOOD JOB ORLANDO!!!