Christmas In The Rhett Household 

Posted: 6:08 am Tuesday, December 6th, 2016

By Staff Writer


Thomas Rhett and his wife are HUGE fans of Christmas. Well moreso his wife, Lauren, but he plays along every year and makes it the best time of year. He says, It is really intense. It stays on, it’s not ABC family anymore, but it stays on Freeform and I swear it’s nothing but Elf 20 times in December and all the Harry Potter movies and the old school Rudolph.  We get the biggest tree, I mean sometimes it hits our ceiling and bends.  We’re like the Griswold’s.  But, no, Lauren loves it and we always have an ugly Christmas sweater party every year and we invite 100 of our friends over and it’s always a really good time, but we love Christmas” I mean just look at their house every year…and this outfit that thomas has performed in, in the past. LOL yup they definitely are big fans of the holiday.