How Brett Eldredge Channeled His Inner Frank Sinatra For ‘Glow’ 

Posted: 6:43 am Tuesday, November 22nd, 2016

By Staff Writer


So when  you are trying to achieve a certain vibe and sound for something, your best best to try and get wha tyour looking for is to become the person your immulating right? Brett Eldredge wanted a certain “vibe” for his Christmas album . . . so he put on a suit and tie and sipped whiskey at each recording session. Frank Sinatra was his inspiration. He says, quote, “I’d get up, go to the gym, drink my coffee, put on a suit, get to the studio, pour a glass of whiskey and start recording. Sinatra loved Jack Daniel’s, and I’m always inspired by him, especially being in New York City.”

He also drank scotch, because the head of his record label loves it . . . and that’s good enough reason, right? Quote, “We knew he was coming by so I got some Macallan [scotch] and we sipped that as well